About Scianta

Scianta Analytics is a Cognitive Computing company. Our mission is to deliver human-like insight from Big Data analytics. 

Scianta Analytics is a Cognitive Computing company.  The Company is organized to deliver human-like insight to Big Data analytics.  With decades of combined experience in industrial computing, enterprise software, and the Big Data world, Scianta's founders bring a wealth of deep knowledge to the art and science of Cognitive Computing.

Scianta Analytics was originally formed as an intellectual capital holding company to hold and market technology based on work of Scianta Co-founder and  Chief Scientist Earl Cox.  In 2011, with encouragement from then Splunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan, Scianta's other two founders, Mike Cormier and Bill Thackrey, formed Concanon LLC.  Concanon's initial goal was to explore Big Data technologies including Splunk, to provide Scianta with a deep technical understanding of Splunk.

Concanon was incredibly successful, both in its goal of helping Scianta build the best possible Big Data analytics software in Splunk, but also as a Professional Services consultancy in it's own right.  Today, Concanon is widely regarded as the most trusted Professional Services company in the Splunk ecosystem. With more than two dozen consultants with specialties ranging from Cybersecurity, to IT Operations Analytics to Machine Learning and Data Science, Concanon continues to grow revenue at 50% per year.  Splunk uses Concanon consultants on accounts they care about, including most Fortune 100 companies. 

Splunk has named Concanon the Splunk Global Professional Services Partner of the Year for FY18.

Following Our Roadmap

In 2013, Scianta released its product roadmap.  Called the "Evolution of Insight", this roadmap follows the evolution of human-like insight in data systems.  Scianta continues to execute against "The Evolution of Insight."


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