Accessing This Web Site

This web site is provided for investors and potential investors in Scianta Analytics LLC. Most content is proprietary.  Access is restricted to inviduals holding appropriate credentials.

Content on this web site is proprietary to Scianta Analytics LLC, and our investors and partners.  Access is restricted to individuals who have executed a non-disclosure agreement and have been issued credentials by Scianta Analytics Investor Relations. If you're interested in being considered as an investor, we'd love to talk to you. This form will send a message directly to Investor Relations. You can also reach us by email at

Or call Scianta Investor Relations at...

1.855.254.9650 extension 10


Nondisclusure Agreement Requirement

While much of the content on this site is confidential and proprietary to Scianta Analytics LLC and its partners, some content reveals strategic and competitive plans of our partners which, by contract, cannot be shared without a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place.  You will be asked to sign a NDA prior to being granted access.  You can view and download a copy of this NDA on this page.  If you request access, the actual NDA will be transmitted through Docusign.  Thank you for your understanding.