Mike Cormier

Founder, Chief Technology Officer & VP, Products

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Applied Mathematics and History, Michael Cormier began his journey in technology leadership as a software developer at TRW in the 1980s. He spent four years as an SE at Sun Microsystems before taking on a similar role at Tivoli Systems, eventually becoming a Principal Technologist.  Mr. Cormier supported Tivoli's growth in the IT Operations Management software space through the company's IPO and subsequent merger into IBM.

Mike then became an SE at configuration management software startup Marimba, again, eventually becoming Principal Technologist.  Mike remained at Marimba through its IPO. Mike has consulted to a number of high-profile technology firms including BMC software. During this period Mike also served as Managing Partner on several successful commercial real estate projects.

Mr. Cormier founded Scianta Analytics LLC in 2009 with Earl Cox and Bill Thackrey, where he serves as Chief Technology Officer.  Together with business partner Bill Thackrey, Mike founded and is a managing director of highly successful Splunk consultancy, Concanon LLC.

Mike has worked closely with Scianta Chief Scientist Earl Cox on machine intelligence and cognitive computing techniques for over fifteen years. Mike is primarily responsible for the development of Scianta's cognitive computing and machine intelligence IP portfolio and for leading the implementation of the company's machine intelligence technology in its products. He was the lead developer and product strategist for Extreme Search, Scianta's first enterprise software product, purchased by Splunk in 2014. Together with Scianta Chief Scientist Cox and Chief Engineering Officer Joe McGlynn, Mike has developed the long term product development roadmap for the company, as depicted in the company's "Evolution of Insight" presentation.  He has the primary responsibility for Scianta's cognitive computing product architecture in Splunk.