Earl Cox

Founder, Chief Scientist

Scianta Analytics' cognitive science efforts began with the work of Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Earl Cox.  Earl began working with the late Lotfi Zadeh of UC Berkeley in the 1970s.  Dr. Zadeh is widely regarded as the "father of fuzzy logic". Before long, Dr. Cox expanded upon Dr. Zadeh's theories, developing solutions that applied fuzzy mathematics to business analytics and data science.  A noted lecturer and thought leader in business analytics, Dr. Cox has published four books, a score of journal articles and countless white papers on the subject.

Working closely with Scianta Chief Engineering Officer Joe McGlynn and CTO Mile Cormier, Earl has developed the long term product development roadmap for the company, as depicted in the company's "Evolution of Insight" presentation.  Earl has worked tirelessly to train Scianta's development team in fuzzy logic and machine intelligence based data science, transforming the team into one of the most formidable machine intelligence development teams around.

Earl Cox's work is "…An important contribution... certain to have wide ranging impact by showing how fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic can be employed to exploit the tolerance for imprecision, and how they make it possible to address problems that lie beyond the reach of traditional methods." – Lotfi Zadeh

The Scianta team is very sad to report the passing of Earl Cox of natural causes on March 29, 2018.  Learn more here.